Letter: Federal ballot should include a question for voters

Elected party leader should not assume they were voters' choice at PM.

To the editor:

This election really brings home to me the fact that we have no way of expressing if we support the leadership of the party we vote for. Once a voter has selected the candidate they wish to become their local MP, there should be another question on the ballot paper.

Obviously a carefully crafted question is necessary to make sure that people understand what they are being asked.

A simple “Do you support the current leader of the party you have just voted for?” might work.

The result of this would be that all voters can make their feelings known, thus giving political parties the opportunity to replace leaders if the majority of public opinion so suggests.

Whichever party gets into power, the leader will no longer be able to strut and puff and say that the country has chosen them as PM unless the ballot shows this to be true.

It might also encourage more people to get out and vote.

Heather Yeats, West Kelowna



Kelowna Capital News