Letter: Federal Liberals send out a rallying call

Federal LIberals set their agenda.

To the editor:

It’s time for people to shake off the disillusionment of federal politics and recognize what is happening in our country.

With this blatant mis-handling of our country’s political scene, the Liberals and non-Conservatives across the Okanagan Valley have had enough and are rallying to the cause. People are so tired of the lack of accountability and power-mongering that there are now three candidates running to become the next Liberal MP for the Okanagan Coquihalla riding.

On March 15, the Liberal membership will vote in the next Liberal candidate who will represent our riding.

The impetus for change was affirmed once again on Febr. 24 when (Conservative MP) Stockwell Day announced that the Community Adjustment Fund will invest $300,000 to the Shatford Centre. This is fantastic news as the community truly needs it, but how did it materialize just now? Especially since the project started over seven years ago, in 2004.

Does the Conservative Government really think that its people can’t see through this seemingly “timely” funding, on the eve of an election? Do they think it’s not obvious that once again they are buying their votes?

This is one of many examples of the Conservative Government trying to maintain power rather than performing good governing.

It is time for change. The way the Conservatives hide their errors (Bev Oda in Globe & Mail Feb. 19) and continue to increase our nation’s deficit (NDC picture, The Okanagan, Feb 26) is a personal affront to the many Canadians who have fought for the sovereignty that is taken for granted today.

Canada was once a proud nation where citizens were proud to cast their vote.

There is change coming and its about choice—your choice.

Monica Sahlmark,

communications executive,

Liberal Okanagan Coquihalla Riding

Kelowna Capital News