Letter: FortisBC responds to letters about smart meters

…customers will be able to view their electricity consumption information in near real-time.

To the editor:

We would like to respond to information that has appeared in a recent letter to the editor published in the Capital News regarding the FortisBC advanced meter program.

While the letter suggests that an advanced meter caused a higher than anticipated electricity bill in 2013, FortisBC only began installing advanced meters in Kelowna in December 2014.

Advanced meters are subject to accuracy requirements and testing mandated by Measurement Canada. They also go through testing and quality assurance, comply with all safety requirements from professional and safety organizations, such as IEEE and ANSI, and are certified by Industry Canada.

We have so far safely exchanged a total of 20,000 electricity meters in Kelowna and in the Trail-Salmo area. All 130,000 meters are scheduled to be exchanged by the end of the year. Currently, more than 50 million advanced meters have been installed in North America.

There are many benefits to advanced meters, including fewer bills based off estimates, more up-to-date information that will help our customers better manage their energy use and a more efficient response to power outages.  The program will pay for itself and create savings for customers over the life of the project by preventing electricity theft and reducing the costs of meter reading, while upgrading meters to meet changing Measurement Canada guidelines.

It may also be of interest to our customers that by signing up at fortisbc.com/accountonline, they can now view their historical billed electricity consumption information. Once the AMI project is complete, customers will be able to view their electricity consumption information in near real-time.

Ian Dyck,

project director, Electric Advanced Metering Infrastructure,



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