Letter: Founding member explains forKelowna.com

Our group wanted to make…what we believe are sound recommendations based on a thorough look at all of the candidates.

To the editor:

I am a member of the Steering Committee of the group forkelowna.com. If you’ve been on our website, you know that our mission is to offer some voter guidance for the long list of candidates running for council.

One of the main reasons I got involved with this group in 2011 was when I asked my 35-year-old son, who is a family man, ‘Are you going to vote?’ The answer was, ‘No, because I wouldn’t have a clue who to vote for.’

Understandably, when so many candidates are running, either people tend not to want to do the homework because the list is so long, or they simply vote for who they recognize. Our group, knowing how critical it is to have an effective council for our city, wanted to participate in the democratic process by making what we believe are sound recommendations based on a thorough look at all of the candidates.

Like we say on our website, we have treated it like a hiring process.  In 2011, we formed a group of local people called fourchange.org, some in business, some professionals, and all respected for their community involvement be it in business or otherwise.

Today, the group has some new faces, but we are guided by the exact same values and positive attitude about participating in the process. We all take this very seriously.

Yes, I am a business person, started it 30 years ago, an RV business in Winfield that employs 50 great people with families. I have a family and am a long time resident of Kelowna. Do I consider myself ‘rich’?  Yes, in the sense that I have my health, the best family, a great business, and live in this beautiful city and province.

As for what I could possibly gain from the new council? Nothing beyond what each and every one of us will gain when our community is strong and thriving.

Every single person who puts a sign on their lawn, who endorses a candidate by working on their team, or gets involved in any way, is participating in the democratic process. This should be seen as healthy and productive.

I am proud to be part of an initiative that shows an interest in local government and I hope that all of the varied discussions about the upcoming election will result in great voter turnout.

Rod Friesen,