LETTER: FourChange.org gains a supporter

Right to democracy assisted by group's questioning of the candidates.

To the editor:

I have reviewed the FourChange.org website, found that my beliefs aligned with this campaign and am now proud to state publicly I’m a full supporter of this effort.

I regret in the past I have been guilty of taking municipal elections for granted. I applaud the efforts of this group in giving me some hope that perhaps this election can be different.

Too often, when it comes time to vote we do not hold incumbents accountable for their voting records and we make our voting decisions based on how pleasant or enthusiastic they may be. Perhaps this is why incumbents nearly always get re-elected.

I read a recent article in the Capital News by  Jennifer Smith about how we all should make up our own minds at the voting polls.

Smith takes a position that one should vote based on how many doors councillors have knocked on, and how many volunteer hours these incumbents have put in, how many people they have met, and how long they have been involved in activism.

Well, for me and perhaps many Kelowna readers, this is not an acceptable criterion for electing/re-electing our community leaders.

I am looking for real qualifications such as leadership, the ability to achieve quality results on improving our downtown core, stimulating employment opportunities for our youth and providing a safe place to live.

Most importantly, I am seeking individuals who conduct themselves with honour and integrity.

Irrespective of whether you supported CD21 or not, the handling of this issue dishonoured the reputation of our city and offended many, including this writer.

Our current council proved ineffective largely because four councillors were lacking in the experience and vision I would expect of community leaders.

If one would believe the allegations from  Smith’s article, I am bloodthirsty and on the attack.

Well, I beg to differ. I am a proud citizen who is going to exercise my democratic right to support those I feel will do the best job for our beautiful city.

Kindly respect my right to do so as I respect your right to lobby for who you wish.

Thanks FourChange.org for a direction and democratic campaign I can support.

Ken Umbarger,





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