Letter: Fuming over Telus

After my being on hold for two hours and 15 minutes with Telus (Kelowna)… I got absolutely nowhere

Letter: Fuming over Telus

To the editor:

Telus disgusts me in the way they approach landline repairs, especially when dealing with seniors. My 87-year-old mother who has medical emergency situations was told that she’d have to wait two-and-a-half days before a tech showed up to restore her landline.That was Monday, April 17.

After my being on hold for two hours and 15 minutes with Telus the day her phone went out I got absolutely nowhere. The hold time is pathetic. This is a multi-billion dollar company and its CEO should be ashamed of himself. On Tuesday, April 18 I was again put on hold for over two hours. I have no doubt that the hold time was simply for the purposes of not having to deal with me.

I’ve written to the CEO and all his equally overpaid cronies. Probably won’t hear anything from any of them either. Telus has cost me over four hours of lost work; will they cut me a cheque for lost wages? Telus doesn’t give a damn about people with emergency situations. My mother keeps walking over to the neighbour to see if I’ve heard anything.

Telus employees need to step up to the plate when they get information that a senior or any person with a medical emergency situation, needs their landline fixed rather than following their work roster like robots. Speak up! Oh, and maybe this time they could actually fix my mother’s phone line that comes to her house which seems to have always been the issue. If anything happens to her where getting to her phone to dial 911 would have prevented the issue, I will take you to court.

Linda MacGillivray, Kelowna