Letter: Glenmore medical clinic closes

I feel sad for the patients who are now being forced to shop around for convenient medical attention.

To the editor:

I arrived here in Kelowna in 1971, to begin general practice at the Knox Medical Clinic.

I practiced as a family doctor from this location, ultimately the Glenmore Clinic, at the corner of Lawrence and Gordon.  I was also director of the clinic laboratory during this time, and fought hard with “the powers that be,” to maintain valuable ‘bedside’ lab service for our patients.

Last Friday, I attended a closing of clinic gathering with staff and professionals who provided service from this venue, mainly North Kelowna and Glenmore residents.

As of this week, the facility will be closed and transformed into a Day Care Centre. Good for young families, but sad for senior citizens and other long-time patients in the area.

Doctors are now being dispersed around town, the Dyck’s Pharmacy closed, and the laboratory (no longer a ‘bedside’ service) is reported to be relocating to North Glenmore.

It doesn’t make sense to me why this medical clinic, a valuable service, has been scuttled. But then, I am not a hard-nosed business person, rather a retired, caring doctor.

I look upon this as a tragedy, for many seniors and families who have relied upon the convenience of this outstanding medical service. I wonder how the founders of the clinic half a century ago would perceive this end result.

I feel sorry for the many dedicated professionals whose working lives were spent here.

Mainly, I feel sad for the patients who are now being  forced to shop around for convenient medical attention.

Any comment from today’s government medical services?

Dr. Donald K. Campbell, BSC. MDCM, FCFP,Kelowna


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