Letter: Good Samaritans make this senior’s day

Good Samaritans are absolutely angelic for turning up in our lives with such perfect timing.

To the editor:

Thank God for good Samaritans. They’re absolutely angelic for turning up in our lives with such perfect timing.

That was this grateful senior’s good fortune May 11 when two turned up precisely when most needed in recovery of the pocket chain of keys used to unlock phases of his daily life.

First, just as I reached into my trousers pocket outside my apartment building for the key chain and discovering to my frustrated dismay that it was gone. On it were the building key, my apartment key, mailbox key, and, since I no longer drive, the bike key to my only means of daily transport besides the bus and walking. Just as I was about to use the keypad for the building caretakers, or apartment neighbours, apartment neighbour Karen exited.

Intending to enjoy some nature near the dog park across the street, Karen charitably offered instead to drive me in retracing my stops that morning in search of the key chain. First to the walk-in medical clinic and Extra Foods in the Capri Centre, and, if necessary, lastly to Shoppers Drug Mart downtown.

The med clinic had already closed that Saturday, but, oh so delightfully, my inquiry at the Extra Foods service counter turned up my precious pocket chain of keys. Seems a good Samaritan (whomever he or she was) had turned it in shortly earlier, having found it at the bus stop on Sutherland Avenue just outside the centre, where I had awaited the bus downtown. No need now to stop at the drug mart.

Good Samaritan neighbour Karen drove this cheerfully relieved gent home, so thankful for the thoughtfully charitable actions like that of herself and whomever the good Samaritan key-chain founder was.

Such kindliness corroborate and reinforce my belief that we’re all brothers and sisters in God’s family worldwide.

Wally Dennison,