Letter: Government should pay back ICBC funds

Letter: Government should pay back ICBC funds

Kelowna letter writer talks ICBC

To the editor:

The government (all of them) took ICBC’s surpluses to balance budgets. The government must pay back the funds they took. It is unethical to have vehicle owners pay for that raid on the piggy bank. That would be like mom and dad breaking open their son’s piggy bank, taking his saved coins and then ordering their son to repay the money mom and dad took.

The ICBC proceeds benefited all British Columbians so general tax revenues must be used to pay back the absconded funds; raising rates is wrong; mom and dad telling their son to pay back the money they took is wrong. It is that black and white. The government, and media, need to stop spinning the ICBC story. We the people, are not dumb.

Patrick W. Olenick, West Kelowna