Letter: Gov’t dictates to citizens how it’s going to be

Our present political representatives, both provincial and federal, are doing very little…to address our needs and concerns.

To the editor:

Our present political representatives, both provincial and federal, are doing very little, if anything, to address our needs and concerns. They accept being restricted to a ‘no free vote’ structure and are pressured to concede to the demands of their party.

In my opinion, there are three main issues where the majority of Canadians feel a need of correction.

1. There is a strong demand to eliminate the Senate. It is undemocratic in its origin and serves no useful purpose. Our politicians accept the Supreme Court’s ruling that there is no need for even the reform of the Senate. This decision should have been challenged. In a democracy there should be no supreme power that ignores the will of the people.

2. There is a need for a more fair distribution of wealth. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing with more and more people being denied a good quality of life. The minimum wage should be a livable wage. The menial task jobs are important. Think of the problems that would occur if these simple jobs were not done.

3. Get rid of the unfair monopolies and tax exemptions given to large corporations and special groups. Most of the job creation programs provide part-time work. The large chains and corporations tend to limit full-time employment by employing large numbers of part-time workers. Some employers even demand that these employees cannot work for any competitors. These workers are denied the many benefits and are unable to make a livable wage.

All three of these concerns can be corrected and controlled by legislation.

A.D.H. Ferguson,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News