Letter: ‘Hacks’ quick to ingratiate themselves to Harper

I see all the local hacks are lining up to ingratiate themselves with the winner of the federal election. Their articles on what a great man he is are the only way they see of feathering their own nests.

To the editor:

I see all the local hacks are lining up to ingratiate themselves with the winner of the federal election. Their articles on what a great man he is are the only way they see of feathering their own nests.

I know you all have no choice in this, however, you are wasting your time. Stephen Harper does not care about any of you, or any other Canadians. Remember the timing of the private meeting between Harper and Obama? Remember how quickly the personal attack ads started against the other parties right after it? I wonder if they use the same advertising company—sorry—I meant I wonder which companies the Canadian and American taxpayers paid for?

Remember Harper’s quick return to table a budget so ridiculous he had to know it would be defeated and he would be able to call an election he knew he would win with the gigantic head start Obama gave him? This is how I was able to predict both the outcome of the election and make a lot of money in my investment portfolio at the same time.

Does anyone remember how quickly Harper followed Obama’s orders to expend obsolete ordinance on Libya? How many Canadians have already died defending American oil and mineral interests in Afghanistan? How many more will continue to die in the next four years? How much more taxpayer monies will be used to pay for oil and ammunition? Who cares? Not Harper. He knows, as I do, that he has it made.

He will be known as the greatest Canadian prime minister ever by American historians, who have never let facts get in the way of their history. Remember how they won the war of 1812?

Once again, though, intelligent Canadians are well ahead of them, not that they care. We have already used our democratic system to fairly decide who the greatest Canadian of all time was, and we did choose a politician. Among all our Canadian icons—people like David Suzuki, Pierre Trudeau and Pierre Berton—the clear winner was the one person who truly cared about his neighbours, family and friends. Our people have spoken, clearly and rightly. Congratulations, Tommy Douglas!

One of these writers admits he had no clue as to what John Diefenbaker was talking about when he realized that he would lose the next election because he was not “one of them.” Anyone who visits a local library only has to ask for assistance to find the Canadian history section, where they will find all the biased and unbiased information they need to make their own decisions. “They” are the famous “old boys club” who knew they would make much more money getting paid off by American defense contractors and politicians than by backing the Canadian companies and taxpayers who designed, built and flew the best jet fighter ever built, the Avro Arrow. Because Diefenbaker fought hard against the destruction of the entire program, he knew there was no more hope for his desire to lead our country or economy, especially after all the Canadian engineers and scientists who developed the iconic aircraft were forced to pursue their careers in the US, with much higher pay and less taxes.

This was the start of the well known “brain drain,” which continues to this day.

Now that smart Harper has put us in billions of dollars of unnecessary debt to lick the hands of the automakers and the banks, I wonder which of them will take care of him when his four year mandate is over? It sure didn’t take long for Mike Harris to get his dream retirement job with Magna, the autoparts company. Great strategic thinking Mike! Who cares about all the Canadian workers who lost their jobs as long as you are doing well?

Don’t worry, writers. I am sure Harper will show you exactly how much he appreciates all of you jumping on his bandwagon so early. So sad no one else gives a fig. We have our own lives to live, free and happy that our tax dollars won’t be wasted on unnecessary elections for a while, since you have put us in such deep debt already. Thanks for nothing, again.

Doug Maves,



Kelowna Capital News