Letter: Harper’s ‘band of lapdogs’ running our lives

So the cons(ervatives) are jumping ship faster than ever.

To the editor:

So the cons(ervatives) are jumping ship faster than ever.

I speak of the upcoming resignation of Treasury Minister Stockwell Day. Add to that the running for cover—or more probably fat corporate patronages—of fellow Harperites Jim Abbott, Jim Prentice, Chuck Strahl and John Cummings. All within the last couple of months since the Harper government has been investigated for electorate fraud and two charges of contempt of Parliament (that’s all we know for now since the Harperites are fighting tooth and nail to not allow any more information about their goings on being uncovered).

All that is piled on top of the Conservatives accumulating the highest deficit in Canadian history combined with the largest government ever (thanks for the help Stockwell); making Canada an embarrassment in the world’s eyes (UN Security Council rejection) quasi-martial law on Canadians during Harpers G20 disaster; plus, lets not forget the multiple disrespect of our nations laws when it suits them and the continuing total incompetence of so many of Harper’s government ministers—Bev Oda and Helen Guirges quickly jump to mind.

But more importantly this government’s complete arrogance in following any rules they don’t like. They are pros at twisting the facts and making no decisions whatsoever if they can help.

How can a minority (or any government) continually get away with this crap?

Worse yet are the polls (which are only as meaningful as the selected people they ask and that depends on what polling firm is hired by what political party; how can Canadians be so hoodwinked by this government) and the millions of taxpayer dollars the Harper Conservatives are spending to tell us how great they’re doing. (That’s actually an oxymoron—this government has done very little in five years but scream and yell and change the subject anytime their policies and actions are questioned).

And how is it that they can run what are obviously campaign ads with Harper telling us how great we are because of him, and claim they’re not campaign ads thereby having you and me pay for them.

The term that always comes to mind when I think of Harper and his band of lapdogs (jeez, sounds an awful like Gordon Campbell and his batch of sheep) is “speaks from both sides of their mouths.”

Please everyone, ask yourselves: Do we really want these people representing Canada and running our lives?

Steve Pierson,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News