Letter: Harried traveller cites incidents that make Kelowna airport her no-go zone

Traveller uses other airports than Kelowna's

To the editor:

I am writing in response to your article in Sunday’s paper about the airport surcharges. (Airport Surcharges Are Chasing Vacationers South, Feb. 27 Capital News)

I would like to respond that Mr. Samaddar is very much mistaken if he believes that the only reason Canadians are flying out of other airports is due to the Canadian taxes.

From a personal point, my husband and I have vowed not to ever fly out of Kelowna again unless it is a dire emergency. Within the past three years we have had four instances happen which was due to poor planning, maintenance and operation of the Kelowna airport.

The first of the instances nearly caused us to lose a pre-paid month-long vacation to Fiji, Austrailia and New Zealand.

The next caused a surgery to have to be postponed and rescheduled.

Next we completely missed a cruise when we had left well over 36 hours of buffer time.

And the last time we flew and vowed to never do it again out of Kelowna, was when they took all of our carry-on luggage, claiming that the U.S. security had made the regulations, only to find when connecting through Seattle that there were no such restrictions in the U.S.

The Kelowna airport is poorly run, maintained and employs staff that treat travelers like criminals—with no cause. We have travelled all over the world and have found this all to be true and that is why we will not fly out of Kelowna. Maybe Mr. Samaddar might want to look at the real reasons that people from Kelowna will not use his airport.

Barbara Ann



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