Letter: Hospitality industry likes Queensway Jetty for tourist info building

(Waterfront location) would allow Tourism Kelowna to reach more people…increase visitor enjoyment…encourage spending (at) local businesses.

To the editor:

I would like to submit my support for the new visitor centre proposed by Tourism Kelowna.

As an operator of a tourism-based business in Kelowna, I believe we need to move to the next level of service and amenities for our visitors, residents and their friends and family. We have a spectacular destination with world class amenities, we need to put our best foot forward and share all that Kelowna and area has to offer at every opportunity.

In order for Tourism Kelowna to do this they need to be where the people are, and we continue to learn that travel patterns have changed, people are not stopping for directions off the highway, everyone has access to that on their phones.

Studies show that the vast majority of visitor centres all over tourist destinations are moving to the nucleus or city centre in order to reach the most people.

The current location being Kelowna’s original welcoming point is a very good idea. This would allow Tourism Kelowna to reach substantially more people than they currently do, which would assist in increasing visitor enjoyment, and encourage spending and return visits to local businesses.

It would also be a great way to have some ‘presence’ in that area to ensure the comfort of our visitors.

Thom Killingsworth, Inn-Trust Hospitality Ltd.,



Kelowna Capital News