Letter: Hunt is on for reasonable rent in Kelowna

Please help us with a place to live. My best [furry] friend and I don't want to be homeless.

To the editor:

Have you ever had someone that meant more to you than anything else in the entire world? Someone that you relied on, that kept you grounded. Someone who was your rock, your stabilizer. Someone who kept you sane and filled your life with more joy and love than you could ever hope for. Someone that’s your entire world that you love unconditionally?

That form of love comes in many shapes and sizes. This form for me is on four paws, is covered in fur, is about 18 pounds and loves to play fetch. That’s right—my good, good dog and best friend. He’s kept me from needing severe medical attention. He’s kept me living a normal life. He’s a gift above all physical gifts. He’s my entire world.

We’re in this big city with no place to live. We’re in dire need of a home, in just a few short months’ time, for people making $10.45 to $12 and hour. We, my dog and me, need a place that that budget can afford—$500 to $650/mo. $750 to $1000+/mo just isn’t feasible in today’s economic times. Most are only making the minimum wage to $12 per hour rate. We need something that we can call home at a rate that is realistic.

There are a number of ads online that look great, but almost all don’t allow dogs or pets.

Where are the basement suites that could be rented out for a realistic budget of $500 to $650/mo that allow dogs? I’d be so happy even with that as it’d be a place to call mine.

We’ve already built a foundation in Kelowna. I have two jobs here. I’ve searched for years to find them and finally succeeded and love them dearly. I’ve felt successful in that area for the first time in my life. I have my church here. I have friends here. I have a life in a city that I adore with all my heart.

Please, won’t you help us? Won’t you help others like us who are in this same position with deadlines to find a home that’s in the Pandosy/Mission/downtown or nearby areas? Please help us with a place to live. We don’t want to be homeless. I don’t, my best friend in the entire world doesn’t, and others like us in this position don’t want to be, either.

Please open your hearts, Kelowna, and help us and others who have furry best friends, dog or cat, who aren’t making much more than minimum wage, to let us have a place to call home.

Greta Fader, Kelowna



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