Letter: Hydro needs to re-establish credibility

If BC Hydro truly believes it has the right to impose wireless meters on customers, then why the lying and sneaking around to do it?

Open letter to BC Hydro, Cindy Verschoor, communications lead for BC Hydro’s Smart Metering Program:

Re: Refusal to Accept Smart Meter Leads to Power Being Cut off, April 18 Capital News.

The actions of BC Hydro, the company and your employees and/or agents is despicable!

If you (referring to BC Hydro the company, staff, everyone representing, or contracted by BC Hydro) truly believe you have the right to impose wireless meters on customers, then why do you lie and sneak around to do it?

If, as you said, “BC Hydro customers who still have analog meters aren’t being forced to switch over for the time being,” then why was a smart meter secretly imposed on the Stutters?

You justified your actions by saying the meter purchased on the Internet was “uncertified” and “not approved for use in Canada” and that they must meet “all the federal and provincial requirements.”

The fact that the Corix meters used by BC Hydro are made in China should automatically trigger maximum scrutiny and inspection to ensure quality and safety. However, the precise opposite is true.

Why are they exempt from the usual mandatory CSA approval requirement which provides consumers with some confidence that a product is safe and approved for use in Canada?

In light of this exemption, please explain how and by whom they are

a) ‘certified’

b) ‘approved for use in Canada’, and

c) what are ‘the federal and provincial requirements”?

Another argument was that Stutters’ meter was “not installed by us.”

Are your meter installers licensed electricians? Do you not use unlicensed temporary or contract workers with minimal training?

The public rightly believes that their protection and safety must be paramount.

But until BC Hydro demonstrates some credibility and honesty, everyone is well-advised to remain vigilant and cynical.

Reply requested.

M. Enns,



Kelowna Capital News