Letter: I saw Theresa Caputo…What a crock!

Letter: I saw Theresa Caputo…What a crock!

Kelowna letter writer wasn’t impressed by the Long Island medium show at Prospera Place

To the editor:

Yep, she took the money and ran.

My wife and I shelled out $208 for 1.5 hours of skillful audience manipulation.

“Do you understand” in an arena full of people who have lost loved ones you are bound to find relatives of people who have passed by car accidents, cancer, choking or whatever and of course in the USA, she has no problem connecting with victims of gun violence.

Theresa Caputo started late and finished early at Prospera Place last night. What a disappointment. Guess it’s my own fault for not checking out previous reviews on Google. What a crock!

Mel Garratt, West Kelowna