Letter: Ideas for Kelowna after being away

From living in other cities, I have seen what makes a city more attractive to visitors and locals.

To the editor:

My family moved back to Kelowna almost two years ago, and were away for a total of eight years.

From living in other cities (in Alberta and British Columbia), I have seen what makes a city more attractive to visitors and locals. Kelowna has very little beach-front property available to the public. One simply has to travel to other cities with lakes to realize this. It is so important to keep what little beach front we have left, and should be trying to allow better access to such areas.

Building the new tourism office where it will block the view of the lake and putting in more parking lots, is not the answer.

I like the idea of perhaps one or more small kiosks, to do the same job.

I would also like to see a continued effort to build longer bike and walking trails linking all of our city together from north, to south, and east to west.

As for Rutland, I would like the community of Rutland to be given a vote if they would like to rename Rutland. I realize the name was given after a pioneer, but truly, one must think of the connotations that come to mind when a suburb is called ‘Rut’land (most probably think “in a rut”). We have small towns called ‘Peach’land and ‘Summer’land nearby, perhaps we could think of a name more suited to the Okanagan lifestyle.

The area called Springvalley, for example, is far more appealing and light-hearted. It could be a simple way to change how others think about Rutland. The local Rutlanders could come up with a new name and perhaps some of the $100,000 made available for Rutland, could be used for a vote.

Sidewalks are a great way to tidy up and beautify a city. I would like the City of Kelowna to put more  emphasis on building sidewalks, as well as crosswalks, in Rutland and other areas of Kelowna. Major bus routes need sidewalks first. I realize this takes a great amount of time and tax dollars, but I think Kelowna needs to start thinking big.

A larger police force would also benefit Kelowna. I have noticed the lack of a visual police presence in our city. I would like to see more police cars on patrol per day per sections of Kelowna. I believe many other citizens would side with this fact, and I think it is important we write letters to make our voices heard.

Kelowna already has the natural beauty and many wonderful people. We now just need to continue to ask for improvements for the safety and longevity of our city.

Victoria Strandebo,



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