Letter: Is a ‘fair and just’ price for electricity too much to ask?

Why did Fortis go to court for these smart meters if they are so good?

To the editor:

Why is it when I see a Fortis sign or a Fortis label, let’s just say I am not enamoured. Is it because they have this two-tier charge system that is a joke, or is it because they say that, with these new smart meters we will, “experience RF exposure from meters far below the limit of safety….”

Exposure is exposure, and we don’t want any exposure, thank you very much. Has Fortis added all the other exposures in our homes we have with cell phones, computers, etc., to theirs? Are they safe when we add them all up?

What straw broke the camel’s back?

These safety limits are very funny too. For example in our food there is a safety limit on rat droppings, oh yum.

Let me understand, Fortis, when we get these smart meters we will get a great big discount because Fortis will fire all those meter men and save? Oh no, we have to pay more if we don’t want to be zapped by RFs.

Why did Fortis go to court for these smart meters if they are so good?

To be fair and just, Fortis should scrap the two-tier charging, have only one price, and make it fair for everybody. Why, for example, families with children should be punished.

To be fair and just, Fortis should not make a fuss about our [old analog] meters or charge us extra, they served us well so far. Why is it that when Fortis makes changes it costs us more?

We are all for Fortis being a profitable company— business is business otherwise why bother. But you can milk a cow only so much. For January and February our Fortis electric bill was $660. Two people, 2,400 sq-foot home with all the energy saving stuff, and we were away for three weeks—gouge.

Fortis is an important part of our daily life in our community and should act like a good neighbour.

Vera Diduch, Kelowna



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