Letter to editor.

Letter: It’s chaos out there and seniors are at risk

Kelowna writer says there is no control on cyclists, pedestrians and not enough police coverage

To the editor:

Speed on Harvey: 100 kilometres or more. Speed in school areas: 50 km plus. HOV lanes: One person in most cars. Cell phones: Too many users. Bikes: More on sidewalks than in bike lanes, including Bernard Ave., no helmets. Pedestrians crossing: Many don’t even stop. Jaywalkers at stop lights with hand up; they won’t wait.

No radar control. No control on cyclists. No pedestrian control. Not enough police coverage on the roads.

Our downtown area which is beautiful, is loaded with homeless people sleeping outside on park benches. Not good for our visitors. Our beautiful city; is it friendly and safe for our visitors? After all, The visitors are a main part of the city’s income.

I view this from my four-wheel scooter. The bike riders on the sidewalks is not good for public. The riders are careless and don’t care with no consideration for others. Seniors are in danger with our reflexes slower.

On January 5, 2017, my wife was struck on Leon Ave. by two cyclists using crude language who left her laying on the sidewalk. When my wife returned to our car, I took her to Kelowna hospital. She suffered a broken arm and rotator cuff and a shattered shoulder. At present she has max 25 per cent usage for life.

Still twice a week for rehab with a year to go. The broken arm required a metal plate and six screws.

Help from police? No.

Bob Murray, Kelowna