Letter: It’s not the gas stations that are ripping us off

The gouging price of gas is determined by the 'petro cartel.'

To the editor:

In response to T. Martin’s letter (Gas Stations Are Ripping Us Off At The Pumps, Feb. 18 Capital News), don’t blame the gas station owners for the price of gas. They are mandated by their masters who supply them with gasoline.

The gouging price of gas is determined by the ‘petro cartel’ on a daily basis and agreed to through clandestine phone calls or other communication. How else can every gas station of every brand raise or lower their prices in the space of one day?

Of course we are being ripped off. It will not change as the only body that can do that is the government. Unfortunately the government doesn’t actually run the country—the petro/banking cartel does.

D Hamilton, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News