Letter: Kelowna still lets motorbikes blast away

Perhaps residents…should rent a few bikes…and start revving the motors outside the homes of the MLAs.

To the editor:

Re: Motorcycles Turn Kelowna into ‘A Strange Hick Town,’ July 8, Kelowna Capital News.

That quote is a little off the wall! Kelowna, while not the basis for world recognition as the most sophisticated small city in the world, has a lot going for it, as recognized by the Toronto four-some in their letter to the Capital News.

But what they are complaining about is the unnecessary noise from most motorcycles and many cars and pickup trucks.

The creators of this ear-shattering din claim it is necessary to warn everybody—drivers, adults, kids, their pets and wildlife—that they are on the road.

That is unadulterated BS.

There isn’t a traffic safety expert in the world who agrees. And here is proof of that: Not one of those experts has ever suggested that we all get rid of our present quiet exhaust systems and go for the ‘straight pipes.’

Some cities across Canada are taking action.

Not Kelowna.

The city fathers do absolutely nothing except make excuses. I have a few emails from city hall saying that there will be developments soon. Some of them are more than five years old.

This year’s meeting of mayors and municipalities in B.C. didn’t even have that issue on the agenda. All the while, Premier Christy Clark ignores the present legislation that forbids exchanging exhaust systems on motor vehicles in B.C.

The window-shaking sound waves of a motorcycle clearing its throat at 6 a.m. or 2 a.m. is beyond stupid.

Perhaps residents against the noise should rent a few bikes, altered of course, and start revving the motors outside the homes of the MLAs. The RCMP will not arrest  you for making the racket, there is no enforcement of that law.

G. Morrison, Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News