Letter: Kelowna too expensive for regular people

Centre of Gravity is only for the rich to get richer.

To the editor:

I sat and contemplated, last Sunday while enjoying Gyro Beach, on how many younger folks like myself find it very hard to reside in Kelowna as it is an expensive city to live in.

Nice restaurants are over-priced in general and the same goes for golf.

People like myself live day to day at times due to high rent costs and cost of living, bills—many on average make minimum wage and are having trouble making ends meet and staying afloat.

Then comes along Centre of Gravity which although is a very good idea as there is pretty much zero to do in Kelowna outside of festivals.

Centre of Gravity charges an arm and a leg for admittance if you do not know already.

Now, keeping in mind that Kelowna only offers golf and pubs pretty much, these younger folks will pay upwards of $239.95 for the entire weekend for something fun to do.

I feel that price tag is quite ridiculous as these same people are having trouble paying bills and this is just to get in the gates.  Tack on food costs from the vendors and drinks and wella!, you have an easy $450 to $500 weekend and not even including paying for cabs to get home safe which are also a ridiculous rip off here.

Motels and hotels raise their rates cause they can, so for those out of towners tack on another at least $250 for two nights.

Centre of Gravity and Kelowna in general is all about the rich getting richer and taking advantage of all the hard working regular folks just trying to make it here, well done—add your own sarcasm here.

N. Preen



Kelowna Capital News