Letter: Kelowna’s last public post office moving closer to its demise

…The last CUPW-staffed retail outlet on Banks Road…has been “proposed” to move.

To the editor:

Canada Post, on June 27, 2013, put up a message on the doors of the last CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) staffed retail outlet on Banks Road. In a nutshell they were announcing the “proposed” move of this service to the industrial area of Gaston Road. The notice asked for customer feedback to this change and also placed this notice in the private mail boxes of almost 300 customers that currently rent this service.

Canada Post explains that this newer “smaller retail model” will save money, which they claim they are short of at the moment.

This new model would make our public post office little more than a hole in a wall, with one clerk and longer wait times in line. Not exactly a revenue-generating idea.

The closing and shrinking of offices is all part of Canada Post’s strategy to reduce costs and encourage, even force, people to go to private sector outlets. As a rule, these postal counters are not as reliable. They tend to come and go when operators are not happy with Canada Post or not making enough money. Also, it is difficult for these outlets to be as accountable as a public post office.

Instead of downsizing, downgrading and closing public post offices, Canada Post could expand and leverage its retail network like Australia Post is doing. It could also add new revenue-generating services such as postal banking, which has proved to be money-making in other countries.

Canada Post almost never decides to keep a post office open after giving notice. The corporation does not seem interested in what the public has to say—the public own Canada Post.

Canada Post has failed to tell the public that there are only 30 days in which to respond to this “proposal.” Furthermore the corporation doesn’t even notify the affected community unless that customer enters the outlet or rents a box, a flagrant disregard of the Canadian Postal Charter.

This is effectively the swan song of Kelowna’s only public post office.

Write your MP, call Canada Post and let them know that we, as tax-payers, will not stand by quietly while they destroy the truly last bastion of Canada’s history.

Dawn Klappe.


Kelowna CUPW


Kelowna Capital News