Letter: Land exchange questions left unanswered

Cabinet minister Blair Lekstrom missed chance to meet with West Kelowna council reps at the UBCM convention.

To the editor:

Where in the world was Blair Lekstrom? Why was he not at the UBCM Conference in Vancouver last week? West Kelowna councillors were at the conference and were able to meet with a number of MLAs and discuss items of relevance to our municipality. (See story B3.)

They were able to search out and source materials to assist them in the governance of the municipality.

But the one MLA I considered as being the most important one to have had a valid discussion with, was missing.

Once again Blair Lekstrom was conspicuous by his absence.

All the correspondence, approaches and telephone calls, had not, according to the newspaper, produced any response from that minister, in relation to the community’s deep concern over the inequality of the “WFN land swap for the interchange land”

In my opinion, the concern of MLA Ben Stewart’s constituents (we taxpayers) in regard to the proposed land swap should have driven MLA Stewart to make certain of the honourable minister’s attendance.

Although fully understanding the benefits of networking with other councils and councilors, I cannot understand how in today’s advanced technological age it should be necessary to gather the masses in one place.

Surely video conferencing would have been a much more fiscally prudent way to go.

All of the council members of each municipality or city could have remained in their communities taking part in numerous video and telephone conferences during the week. Thus cabinet ministers would have had less opportunity to avoid being a part of these meetings.

The money spent by each municipality on travelling, accommodation and other ancillary expenses could have remained within the community and be better utilized in other areas.

Norma Taylor,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News