Letter: Legacy for premier challenged

Now you are ensconced in our legislature as premier, established as our MLA, it’s time to put your mark on the province as leader.

Open letter to Premier Christy Clark:

Now that you are firmly ensconced in the halls of our legislature as our premier and established as our MLA for Westside-Kelowna, it’s time to put your mark on the province as leader.

The question we ask the premier now is what kind of leader will you be? What will the legacy you leave behind when you leave be?

I see by your new column in the Capital News you are still maintaining that you want to “grow the economy.”

How will you accomplish that? Will it be done democratically with the full force of a sitting legislature, or will it be done behind closed doors without the help of committees and all members?

Will your legacy be couched in the terms we all expect in our democratic society?

And when you are “growing our economy” how will you treat our environment? Will it be in favour of large corporations that are willing to risk ruining our land, rivers and seacoast with their toxic products?

Will an ailing ocean or river be further compromised by your actions?

You have said no in the past but will you be firm to that intention?

Could it be that you turn out to be a leader that fosters the growth in green energy to power British Columbia? Just think of the praise you would garner if you did not risk taking the route of supporting toxic energy.

One of the issues you stressed during both of your campaigns was to support families. While you “grow the economy,” will those children that live in poverty see some of the benefits intended.

As I’m sure you know we have the highest child poverty numbers in the country. Children are our future, so will your legacy include them?

Many seniors in this province are also living an existence that is far less than desirable. They are family as well. How will your vision of economy affect them? Will they be able to afford basics while your economy is growing?

How will medical care look after your leadership is done? Will “growing the economy” remain faithful to our cherished Medicare?

In your riding, a completely private hospital is being built by the First Nations leadership. None of their band members can hope to take advantage of its establishment, and furthermore it is likely to be run by a giant American company.

Is this the face of Medicare that you envisage or will you be a champion of the long established system we have that is open to all?

“Growing the economy” is such a bland statement and without specifics, don’t you think? We look forward to you adding flesh to the mix.

The statement means so much to so many with very different points of view, so are you going to be inclusive in your deliberations or take a stance that is exclusive to only a few.

Premier Clark, I have mentioned a few issues that will likely face you over the years that you are the leader. What will your legacy be?

While you are “growing the economy,” will your legacy be one of lying to the people of the province as some in the past have done or will you be open to questions and answer them forthrightly and honestly?

Will you give your young son a reason to be proud of you along with all of us or will your legacy be tarnished?

Brian Richards,



Kelowna Capital News