Letter: Legislate a liveable minimum wage

Disappointed in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's choice of priorities.

To the editor:

In his election platform, our new prime minister, Mr. Trudeau, promised to do something to raise the status of the low income workers.

I am disappointed in his choice of priorities, as they have fallen short of any improvement in meeting the needs of the low-income workers. Legalizing recreational pot does not strike me as significant, it only allows more impaired drivers on our roads. Medicinal pot available by prescription only would make more sense.

The right to die legislation may benefit a few, but how many people does it benefit? There are far more people wanting to live and be able to afford a good life.

Mr. Trudeau has been travelling around the world at our expense, doing what? We do not need any big trade deals that bring millions of dollars into our country and we do not need to be depleting our natural resources by shipping them out of our country.

Our country can be totally self sufficient. Right now foreign investors in Canada control all the necessities of life—our food, our fuel and our dollar. These monopolizing foreign investors are the only ones that benefit from the large trading deals. They make more money but continue to pay starvation wages and deny full-time employment.

These foreign investors need to be taxed heavily so as to make it possible for the private Canadian entrepreneur who offers quality produce and quality service to survive.

A liveable minimum wage should be legislated and enforced.

Now Mr. Trudeau, I do believe you to be a good man and perhaps to be the leader that our country needs.

Art Ferguson, West Kelowna