Letter: Love you Ma!

A poem honouring a special mom and mother’s around Kelowna for Mother’s Day

Sardis DoorWay is hosting a plant sale to fundraise for their variety of programs to support mothers and their preschool children. Orders accepted until Apr. 26.

To the editor:

My mom sent me to dance school to overcome my difficulty to learn. Especially classical dance that you have to use five senses to dance to the rhythm of the music, hand and eye coordination, concentration, discipline, expression from your mind, body and soul. To this day this basic foundation laid out by my mom led me to overcome any obstacles in my life.

For my mom:

M om makes the world a peaceful place to live

O pt to be positive and optimistic about me regardless of my follies

T ake care of me with tender love, hugs and kisses though I am not a child anymore

H ave a kind heart to forgive, forget, a genuine smile on her face every time she set her eyes on me

E ager to know that I am happy, not hungry and tired though I am an adult now

R eserve food for me even if she did not eat all day, if she knows I am coming home

S acrifice her happiness and dedicated her life to take care of me till those eyes were shut for ever on that horrible night

D ays went by, years went by, still longing for those adoring eyes to open up one last time to look at me and smile and touch me

A t least one more time awaiting to hear my beloved mom to utter those famous words, are you hungry? Are you tired? Are you alright?

Y ou wonder why that lovely tender flower was snatched away from me for ever! My ma is looking out for me even in heaven!

Love you Ma.

Ana Nair, Kelowna