Letter: Many must complain to get bylaw enforcement

More than one resident must complain before RDCO bylaws respond.

To the editor:

The Regional District of Central Okanagan chief administrative officer told me that when I make a bylaw complaint about a nuisance, and it is not a safety issue, like for instance; junk on a property, a barking dog or an at-large dog, etc., that more than one property needs to make a complaint, and that the regional district can’t do anything about these things unless more than one property complains, and that it is like that for everyone.

I am also told it may take RDCO months or years to deal with junk on property, depending on if the junk is in full view or partially hidden from view.

The RDCO CAO told me that video of an at-large dog is not evidence of a dog at-large, because video can be manipulated. He said that two properties need to make a complaint about an at-large dog, because an at-large dog is not a safety issue. He told me that an at-large dog is only a safety issue if it is attacking.

The entire conversation I had with the RDCO CAO was unbelievable.

Sharon Schnurr, Kelowna



Kelowna Capital News