Letter: More votes count under proportional representation

Letter: More votes count under proportional representation

Under proportional representation nearly all votes count

Dear editor,

There is no stronger evidence for the need to change to proportional representation than politicians once in power dispensing government benefits to reward friends and punish enemies. For example, for ten years the BC Liberals refused to increase welfare rates and Liberal MLA and cabinet minister, John Yap, instructed his staff that the homeless, the disabled, those on social assistance and socialists can safely be ignored.

But the BC Liberals are not alone, all parties, once in government, favour their own. Currently, Interior ridings can’t expect much attention from the NDP. Why is this? It is because of the voting system! Under the current first-past-the-post voting system one-party, majority governments receive one-hundred percent of the power on forty percent of the vote. Most votes have no impact on the election outcome. There is no incentive for politicians to show any concern for those who do not vote for them.

In contrast, under proportional representation nearly all votes count. That will fundamentally change the behaviour of governments and local MLAs. In November, British Columbians can power-up their vote, put themselves in the driver’s seat and ensure they will never again be ignored. No wonder every last BC Liberal MLA and party insider is vehemently opposed to proportional representation. In November’s referendum remember that rewarding friends and punishing enemies has no place in a democracy. Remember that no segment of the population or region of the province should be ignored. Vote Yes!

Nick Loenen