Letter: More waste courtesy Kelowna traffic engineering

More time and fuel will be wasted with concrete barriers along Benvoulin.

To the editor:

Congratulations to the City of Kelowna traffic engineering department. In their long running quest to screw up every bit of traffic that they can, they have decided that the two way left turn lane on Benvoulin needs some modification.

Crews are busy wasting your tax dollars to put big concrete barriers in the lane to prevent people from bypassing the 800 metre line-up to turn left onto KLO Road by turning onto Fisher.

The new configuration will allow maybe two cars in the left turn bay. Anyone else wanting to turn left will have to idle their vehicle sitting in line.

This will even exceed the fuel wasted sitting in line at the dump just to tell the clerk:“I have yard waste.”

This group of technologists did the same “traffic modification” treatment to KLO, making it a forest of traffic lights and cement barriers, while fixing a problem that did not exist.

I urge readers to contact the engineering department and ask for an explanation.

Bruce Stevenson, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News

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