Letter: MP Cannan does nothing about gas prices

Harper’s ‘little puppet’ is doing nothing to bring Okanagan Valley gas prices down.

To the editor:

We in the Okanagan Valley are tired of the continual bodily assault upon our backsides as we pay these ridiculous high prices for gasoline—prices, that should be around 91 cents to $1.06 per litre.

We in Kelowna are paying the highest gas prices west of Ontario.

Just south of the border in Washington and Idaho today gas was $3.16 gallon. That means we are paying $2.51 more for one gallon/litre of gas. What I find so interesting is all the US gas stations have price spreads of close to 7 cents to 12 cents per gallon. What was also very interesting and most evident was the competition between those gas stations. Our joke of a government turns a blind eye and seems to allow price fixing here in the Okanagan Valley.

Just a short five to six years ago, when a barrel of oil averaged $87.23, gasoline was being sold between 96 cents to $1.08 a litre.

Why is gas still at $1.26 a litre when a barrel of oil is now at $81.24?

Why does it take so long for gas to drop in price and then only by a cent or two at a time. The distributor doesn’t hesitate to jack the price up by one cent the minute oil goes up by a few cents. The distributor might offer an objection to this analysis by suggesting freight to be a factor. It is 2.5 hours and 171 km to Kamloops from Kelowna where gas is $1.14 litre. In Hope, which is two hours and 151 km from Vancouver, gas is $1.17 litre.

So are we getting screwed by the gasoline distributor in Kamloops. We all know gas prices are being fixed. We all know there is no competition here in this valley. We all know these greedy bastards know we have no choice but to fill up here as we are not close enough to the border to buy gas for $3.16 plus our exchange.

We need to be calling and writing to Harper’s little puppet in Lake Country and let him know he needs to get off his ass and start doing something about these gas prices instead of wandering around looking for photo ops. Cannan was voted in to look after our interests, not to be a ribbon cutter.

Oh, here’s a thought, maybe he doesn’t care what gas prices are because you and I pay for his gas.

Come on people, there is no reason for prices to be this high in Kelowna and the valley. So let’s all get off our backsides. Take a couple of minutes and do something about it. Write an email to ron@cannan.ca

Ian MacLean,



Kelowna Capital News