Letter: MPs should be first on front lines next time around

Many of those in Parliament obviously have not been in the front lines and experienced the horrors of the war…

To the editor:

Re: Letter to the editor by Richard Drinnan: “Federal Gov’t Dishonours Veterans By Closing Offices, Feb. 6 Capital News.

I’m afraid to comment and have my name shown for fear of repercussions from some folks I have discussed this matter with, now nine in total. They felt because the offices weren’t used much why spend the money to keep them open.

I totally agree with Mr. Drinnan, along with some Veteran’s that live in the same manor as I do here in Kelowna. I had 12 cousins (two were killed in action) an 18-year-old brother-in-law killed in Vimy Ridge, my husband and brother-in-law were in the Army, one brother in the Air Force and one brother in the Navy.

My brothers were in the front lines, the one in the Navy had many close calls with torpedoes etc. Thankfully they all returned safely.

One brother, who is now 90, is in hospital or he would be voicing his opinions loud and clear not only to the newspapers but also to MP Fantino [Julian Fantino, Minister of Veteran Affairs] and his colleagues for the lack of respect and lack of compassion for our servicemen who have been enjoying their freedom because of our veterans.

Many of those in Parliament obviously have not been in the front lines and experienced the horrors of the war or they would not have been so hard and callous to ensure the [veterans] office closures. Should there be another war, every member of the Conservative government should be sent to the front lines to get a ‘taste of war.”

I wrote Mr. Fantino, also Mr. [Kelowna-Lake Country MP Ron] Cannon here in Kelowna. I probably won’t get a response but I’ll have said my views.

I wish Mr. Drinnan and many others who object to the closures would take the time and bombard Mr. Fantino with tons of mail in disagreement to what they’ve done. The taxpayers put them in office, but the taxpayers can also not vote for them in the next election.

This was cruel, cold and shows a lack of compassion by our Conservative government.

Tillie Howe,



Kelowna Capital News