Letter: Mystery of Kelowna’s top cop retirement

Kelowna RCMP superintendent Nick Romanchuk has secretly left the service…

To the editor:

Today we find that the police have been secretly investigating themselves.

We also discover that Kelowna RCMP superintendent Nick Romanchuk has secretly left the service to start his collection of a 25-year public pension. [City’s Top Cop Retires as External Investigation is Launched, Sept. 28 Kelowna Capital News.]

Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran tells us that there is a wonderful partnership between the RCMP and the City of Kelowna. Neither he nor our city council know anything about these police secrets. We are told that even Rob Mayne, who is the municipal bureaucrat we pay a handsome salary to serve the taxpayers as the director of protective services, is surprised by the revelation of these secrets.

By far the largest portion of our property taxes is paid to the RCMP every year. In return this “partnership” delivers to the citizens a police force peppered with secrets.

Did the B.C. attorney general know about the secret investigations and top cop “retirement”?

Did Prime Minister Trudeau’s famously ‘transparent’ politicians and civil service know what is going on in Kelowna?

The very corrupt and immoral Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Kelowna. Where do you live?

Robert Carruthers, Kelowna