Letter: News coverage by local media criticized

Either none of the regular contributors are qualified…or were told not to bother…which amounts to a full blown censorship of key world news.

To the editor:

Over the last couple of weeks, with the world in an uproar over the downing of the Malaysian passenger jet with almost 300 people aboard by the Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine, or the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, both of the local ‘newspapers,’ The Capital News and the Daily Courier, have strangely kept virtually silent on the subject, thus in fact proclaiming their moral and mental ‘neutrality.’

Instead, they treated their readers to an endless parade of local gossip, politicking, various other irrelevant tidbits and, of course loads of ads.

Admittedly, the Ukrainian conflict received more extensive coverage, if not very qualified, from one letter writer, Monica Hudecova.

This would suggest that either none of the regular contributors are qualified to write about such matters, or were told not to bother by the respective editors and publishers, which amounts to a full blown censorship of key world news, which would qualify them for a title of yellow journalism and purveyors of local gossip, not even deserving the label of backwater provincialism.

Wence Horak,


Editor’s Note: Since 1930, the Capital News has been a community newspaper, focusing exclusively on local news. We look to localize world events by speaking to Okanagan residents directly impacted, and by publishing local resident’s’ opinions sent to us as letters to the editor.



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