Letter: Not happy with Khadr settlement

I am disgusted and embarrassed that Canada paid Khadr a cent says Kelowna writer

Omar Khadr smiles as he speaks to the media after being granted bail in Edmonton on Thursday, May 7, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

To the editor:

I have just read the letter from Guy King slamming the outrage over the payment to Omar Khadr (Capital News, July 19).

Khadr was given a payment for his perceived hard times and lack of help from the Canadian government. I for one have no problem with his incarceration or treatment by the US. I have seen the results of IED’s and bullet wounds and can tell you for a fact that an IED created by a 15-year-old or a bullet shot by a 15-year-old causes the same amount of damage as one made or shot by a 20-year-old.

Khadr was taken overseas by his family, not taken by other forces, He did this of his own accord. He was injured in the battle and saved by US medics after he had killed and injured their fellow soldiers. He was fed and watered, given access to lawyers, to pray, read, exercise and continue living his life. He was kept up late at nights, too bad. I have no sympathy at all for him. I am disgusted and embarrassed that Canada paid Khadr a cent or apologized. Khadr is and always will be a terrorist, now just a rich one because we have people running this country with their heads in the sand and wearing rose-coloured glasses.

Mr. King may be happy that his tax dollars went to pay Khadr, I am not.

A. H. Elliott. West Kelowna