Black Press file. Image: Murray Crawford

Black Press file. Image: Murray Crawford

Letter: Notley, Trudeau bullying B.C. on pipelines

Kelowna letter-writer says Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau, and big oil are bullying the B.C. NDP

To the editor:

Please be advised I will not allow Rachel Notley to nullify my vote in the B.C. democracy.

I voted for John Horgan and the New Democrat Party to stop the Kinder Morgan destruction of our beautiful provincial coastline. We as citizens will stand up to bullies such as Trump and Notley. She has no right to boycott B.C. products in violation of trade agreements between the provinces. She deserves to be kicked out of the NDP as she clearly doesn’t understand common sense and scientific reasons to protect the coastline.

Notley cannot, nor wants to, guarantee a bitumin spill cleanup cost will come from her pocketbook. Actually right now, we do not have the technology or possibility to clean up a spill. The damage will be irreversible. We cannot afford an accident which happens too frequently all over Canada.

Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau, and big oil are trying to bully the B.C. NDP government into allowing the Kinder Morgan pipeline to go through.

Now, Alberta’s Premier is threatening more attacks, hoping that B.C. will buckle under the pressure. But we can’t let that happen.

Larry Norton, Kelowna

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