Letter: NRA clouds its real aims by offering advice

The chances of having ever to defend ourselves…with anything as deadly as a gun, are never great enough to risk arming a whole population.

To the editor:

Any person who is known to have a shocking driving record, involving road-rage, constant collisions, and persistent drunk driving, is hardly likely to open a successful driving academy.

Likewise, Bob Sherman, coming from a country where annual gun-related deaths usually range between 40,000 and 50,000, can hardly be taken seriously when he comes to our country and proceeds to preach in a patronizing way about safe possession of firearms. (Armed Citizens Use ‘Good Judgement’ Before Firing, March 5 Capital News.)

We have our gun laws, as Mr. Sherman well knows. But, between 50 and 60 people die in this country each year, because of gun ownership, legal and illegal.

We think this number is too high; and, in fact, it is, since many countries have a better record, but we don’t need to be lectured on the wonders of freedom to choose to have as many guns as we like, including guns of any type; bazookas if the fancy takes us. That is not freedom; it is, in fact, a sort of slavish adherence to a fairly ancient directive from a group of men, in a different era, at a time of revolt.

Bob Sherman’s endless talk of a sacred [U.S.] Second Amendment generally leaves us cold. In fact, since we don’t see many of his fellow citizens joining the militia which are mentioned as part of it, we honestly feel that they could all be misinterpreting the intentions of the USA founding fathers.

In fact, there have been several statements from their Supreme Court, indicating that there is a persistent misunderstanding of the intended application of the Second Amendment. I suspect that these “misunderstandings’ have much to do with commerce and profit, sponsored by an organization admired by Mr. Sherman, the NRA, whose main task is to ensure that as many guns as possible are purchased.

This lobbying association, like the tobacco lobby before it, is always going to cloud its real aims by offering advice about “safe use of their product,” posing as “the friend of sensible people.”

Believe me; they are not our friends, and certainly do not have our welfare at heart.

The shooting that took place outside The Grand (hotel in Kelowna) was a shocking event involving crooked individuals fighting their own war to the death.  We are all aware of that, and have no intention of getting involved.

We generally do not carry guns, and sense the danger involved in having one constantly in our possession. We know, as do the majority of people throughout the industrialized western world, the simple logic of the discussion:

“Why are we carrying a gun?”

“To protect ourselves.”

“From whom?”

“From bad people with guns.”

“And do I take it they have guns to protect themselves from our guns?”

And so, the vicious cycle goes on with no satisfactory conclusion.

We do know, however, that the chances of having ever to defend ourselves on the street or at home, with anything as deadly as a gun, are never great enough to risk arming a whole population.

Finally, Oscar Pistorius’s family own 55 guns. If they had not, maybe a certain beautiful girl would still be alive.

No, we do not want advice from Mr. Sherman, or anyone else with his idea of freedom.

John Ryder,



Kelowna Capital News