Letter: Old curbside recycling worked just fine

Now you’re changing things so that not only are we being forced to do…employees work…we’re being prohibited from recycling certain things.

Open letter to Premier Christy Clark:

I’d like to make a statement regarding our recycling programme that you want to change here in Kelowna.

The programme we have works beautifully. We pay enough through our taxes so that we can keep the perfect programme that we have now. We can recycle everything, right down to plastic bags. It’s wonderful.

Now you’re changing things so that not only are we being forced to do all the recycling employees do who work at depots by separating all the recycling, we’re being prohibited from recycling certain things including plastic bags. We’re losing our nice, large bins and we’re being forced to store multiple small boxes.

Why are you putting us through this nightmare? We’re paying for a service and now we’re being forced to make their jobs a cakewalk?

Why not pay us to sort through all our recycling? Give all of us a cheque each week so that we get paid for doing work that should be done by paid recycling employees.

I don’t like how we’re being taken for the fools you think we are.

Do not change our recycling programme, please. It works just fine the way it is. All you want to do is save yourself some money in the government. This is unjust.

I respect you, but this decision is for the birds.

Greta Fader,



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