Letter: On traffic speed traps and senior drivers

The local constabulary like to set up at the bottom of Bridge Hill and reel in hundreds every day.

To the editor:

A recent editorial in Maclean’s magazine praised the fact that B.C.’s speed limits have been raised to match the natural flow of traffic at which 85 per cent of drivers travel.

While this may apply to the Coquihalla and a few other spots, it certainly does not apply to the WR Bennett Bridge or Bridge Hill. The bridge is posted at 60 km/h with absolutely no one doing under 80. The only saviour here is the RCMP can’t really set up a speed trap unless they use a handheld on the sidewalk.

The real travesty is coming down the hill from West Kelowna. This is posted at 50 km/h for some supposed construction that is occurring way off in the distance behind cement barriers. The local constabulary like to set up at the bottom of the hill and reel in hundreds every day. It should be relaxing to watch a group of men “fishing” but this activity seems to elicit a more negative reaction.

While I am beating the driving drum, I wonder if there is any answer to re-certifying the large number of senior drivers in this town. Just go to any large store parking lot and watch. Very slow moving vehicles piloted by seniors who can barely walk. Watch them try and get out of the car and shuffle to the store. What kind of reaction time do they have if a kid runs out in front of them? We often hear of senior drivers plowing into buildings because they confused the gas and the brake. I encourage Todd Stone to make re-testing mandatory every five years after age 65. Just so you know, I am in my 60s and fully support this move.

Bruce Stevenson,



Kelowna Capital News