Letter: Parking lot crimes easy to put a halt to

What I do not understand is why we are not implementing better security in order to deter crime.

To the editor:

Last weekend I was the victim of yet another Okanagan break in.

I had stepped out of my car to enter Tim Hortons at Orchard Park Mall at approximately 9:35 a.m., and realized I had forgotten my wallet as I reached the entry doors. It had been no more than four minutes before I re-approached my vehicle and found the passenger side door wide open—belongings thrown everywhere, and wallet missing.

I had the kindest security guard review the security cameras, but there is very minimal security for the outside of the mall and parking areas. The cameras are on a continuous loop of the entire south/east entrance therefore you do not have the potential to catch a crime in progress, or the aftermath with ease.

If you look at statistics more than 80 per cent of criminal acts at shopping areas, malls etc. occur in the parking lot. This is not a new issue arising. This crime has had a foothold in this area for a long running period.

What I do not understand is why we are not implementing better security in order to deter crime, and make us, as citizens and customers, feel safer.

Customer use will increase when the customer feels safer. Increased customer use means increased profits. This can be used to justify the increase in costs that would be related to any security/parking patrol improvements.

Simply having security guards patrol the lots as a deterrent could be one way to bring about improvements.

Another—installing additional cameras specifically for the parking areas.

There is a much bigger discussion that can come about from this topic, and I feel that it is highly important that we do so.

Chelsea Tabert,



Kelowna Capital News