Letter: Parks Alive keeps offering great music–for free

The delightful Parks Alive program…is a very special part of the summer in Kelowna.

To the editor:

On Tuesday July 25, the Parks Alive programme featured World Music to the delight of several hundred people at Strathcona Park. Many in the audience, particularly children, were dancing and clapping hands to the music. Suffice to say that it was a wonderful evening.

The delightful Parks Alive programme was started by then-city counsellor, the  late Brian Given. It is a very special part of the summer in Kelowna and of course free for all to enjoy in our beautiful parks. Brian was very passionate about the concept and deserves a lot of credit.

I  remember the first venture at Strathcona Park. The musicians were getting warmed up when Brian discovered that the power plant was not functioning. “No problem,” I said. “You can plug into our power next door.”  It was a great concert and they have  just kept getting better over the years.

Walley Lightbody,



Kelowna Capital News