Letter: Pastor appreciates exemption from Kelowna taxes

Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church…says thank you for the contribution the city makes in the form of a not-for profit property tax exemption.

Open letter to Mayor and Kelowna City Council:

Re: Permissive Tax Exemptions.

On behalf of the 1,400 plus people who call Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church home, I want to say thank you for the contribution the city makes in the form of a not-for profit property tax exemption. (For a full list of local tax exemptions see page A8, Sept. 26 Capital News.) For us, this means a benefit of $4,032 in 2015, and I can assure you this does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

As part of this amazing community since 1960, KGF seeks to be a family of like-minded people that has a positive impact wherever we go. For us that means providing meals for people who just got out of hospital or lost a loved one or who welcomed a new baby, supporting young moms who are scared with an unplanned pregnancy, or coming alongside men trying to break free from addictions.

We also have an ongoing influence on hundreds of families raising children to be positive contributors to the place we are blessed to live. Seniors have a family to walk with so they aren?t alone. High schoolers are taught to live beyond themselves. Young Adults discover they can be a catalyst for good. Marriage mentoring and counselling are among many other areas where we work to build healthy, contributing members of society.

Personally, I love this city where I was born and raised. In fact, my mom, myself, and my three children all took our first breaths at Kelowna General Hospital. There is no other place I’d rather live, raise a family, and invest my energies. And for the past 15 years, that has been as a pastor.

There is an account in the New Testament of Jesus healing 10 men afflicted with a terrible skin disease called leprosy. Amazingly, only one man came back to say thanks. Our desire is to always be that one who stops to applaud and appreciate. Thanksgiving is more than one weekend a year; it is a mindset we want to nurture each and every day.

Thank you for your leadership and love for this city. We are for you, pray for you, and are able to come alongside as needed. What you are doing matters, so keep going! God bless.


Pastor Mike Penninga, Kelowna



Kelowna Capital News