Letter: PC opinions ‘resulted in Trump election’

Canadians will … be called upon to address our more sensitive counterparts with … “zhe”, “zu”, “they” instead of “he” and “she.”

To the editor:

Kudos to Messrs. Slater, Samson and Byciuk for calling out Kathy Michaels on her column about the Trump election aftermath. [Column a ‘Blotch on Honourable Publication,’ Media Can ‘Shut the Blast Up!’ Editorial Criticizes All Americans, Nov. 18 Kelowna Capital News.]

Michaels never fails to advocate for positions well out of the mainstream that she would have us believe are the norm. Witness her most recent work cheering on gender neutral bathrooms, transgender rights and the Orwellian bill C-16 which has added “protection” for gender identity and expression.

As always, you can expect this most recent thrust from Michaels’ “progressive” left to produce a brand new crop of hitherto unknown victims, along with a further chilling of free speech, such as it now is in Canada.

Canadians will no doubt in future be called upon to address our more sensitive counterparts with the pronoun of their choice (“zhe”, “zu”, “they”, etc. instead of “he” and “she”) or risk persecution at those temples of the left, the human rights tribunals. Given all this, is it asking too much to provide just a wee bit of balance in your content? Consider it a shout out to the regressive Neanderthals that reject the PC culture Michaels works so hard to nurture, and which so clearly resulted in the Trump election success.

Doug Floer, West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News