Letter: Perpetually surrounded by ‘electromagnetic web’

…no one seems to be overly concerned about wifi even though it uses the same technology as smart meters.

To the editor:

Linda MacGillivray (Keep Your Smart Meter Off My Town Home,Feb. 6 Capital News) and others need to understand that keeping smart meters off homes will not prevent their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Radiation you are exposed to on a 24/7/365 basis include:

1. Cosmic radiation from beyond our solar system

2. Solar radiation and

3. The Earth’s own magnetic field.

The radiation received ranges from high energy cosmic rays and x-rays to lower velocity ions, electrons and microwaves that can disrupt DNA/RNA, cause sunburn and gives us the aurora borealis.

Being connected to the grid, however, you have already invited electromagnetic radiation into your home to power the myriad appliances you have including the microwave, television, computer, cordless phone, cell phone and perhaps wifi.

These appliances all emit electromagnetic radiation when operating and some all the time.

Have you ever noticed that no one seems to be overly concerned about wifi even though it uses the same technology as smart meters?

You might wish to be concerned about the electromagnetic web which surrounds you when you are not home. Check some of the taller buildings and count the number of antennas they sport. Those antennas are all part of the network that supports your family’s cell phones and wifi.

You might also wish to know that the influence of the smart meter decays at a rate that is inversely proportional to the increase in the distance from the meter, ie: at a rate faster than that distance.

This is something the fear mongers do not tell you because when they do they no longer have any influence.

The same effect is felt with a campfire, the further away you are from the fire the less it warms you. The closer you are to the fire the warmer you get and you get warm faster because you intercept more of the radiant energy of the fire.

By telling FortisBC to not install a smart meter you are willing to cost yourself money for no perceivable benefit because the other electromagnetic webs overwhelm that from the smart meter.

Robert Miles, Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News