Letter: Pie-in-the-sky dreams for running Kelowna

Let’s…create a beautiful city, free of crime, a place where every adult, senior and child can work, play and be happy.

To the editor:

The residents living in the city of Kelowna need to get involved in the management of this beautiful area. Important, significant decisions need to be made on a daily basis. I propose that our mayor and city council, although they do the best they can, encourage our assistance and input.

I suggest we pass a bill limiting the amount of a proposed expenditure before a decision on its merits are thoroughly investigated. This may include an-hoc volunteer committees to make suggestions before hiring experts to analyze and examine the best solutions and then make it mandatory the city complete the project.

The mayor’s suggestion that we build a state-of-the-art washroom that would cost over $800,000 is ludicrous. Yes, we want patrons safe, and prevent nefarious individuals from performing illegal, destructive behaviour, but at what cost? I would think we can find a much more cost efficient solution.

How did the project for a new health centre forget to include parking?

Another subject is the building of the seniors’ centre. The centre now requires costly repairs. Already? How can it be that a relatively new building is crumbling before our eyes? Why is it our responsibility to fix the problems caused by inferior workmanship?

The seniors centre was built so small, there are many activities that have to be scaled back, cancelled, or rooms that do double ( and triple) duty.

Our seniors deserve better! They worked tirelessly to create the luxuries and atmosphere we enjoy today. Why can’t we give them a break? I have always thought seniors should not have to pay taxes. Since they have paid taxes all their lives now is the time for the younger generations to take the reins. Give the seniors the credit they deserve, acknowledge the hard work they have done to improve our lives.

We have many suggestions to create a state of the art city park. Sharon Shepherd suggest paths and walkways be accessible, safe and clean, encourage adults to participate in activities, improved lighting and create a social place. (Plan for City Park: No More Pavement, July 18 Capital News.) All these things sound wonderful, however, who will pay for this beautification?

Taxes collected for the city should be used to manage city business, not to create a pie-in-the-sky, grandiose fairyland.

Would it be possible to form a committee where volunteers produce a money-making summer activity, maybe a family picnic with entertainment, games for seniors, children and adults, a simple boat race, etc. These activities create happy family memories.

Of course, there would have to be a charge to keep the park clean, accessible, safe and allow for improvements over the years.

Our attitude for immediate gratification does not work unless a loan with a high interest rate would stimulate your palate better.

Let’s work together to create a beautiful city, free of crime, a place where every adult, senior and child can work, play and be happy. What a wonderful dream.

Dianne McMillan,



Kelowna Capital News