Letter: Plenty of room for dogs along the water

Surely there are other areas that walkers and runners can use that will isolate them from meeting up with a dog.

To the editor:

I have noted, with interest, that there have been several letters lately that speak to the dog beach in West Kelowna.

As a resident of West Kelowna for a number of years, I would like to add my comments in support.

We moved to the Okanagan from Ontario along with our black Labrador some years ago, and I was very disappointed in the reaction that I saw from a small group of people that treated us like second class citizens because we had a dog—who by the way was very well behaved, never unattended and never was off our property without us.

That same group of people never hesitated to throw their cigarette butts on the ground and leave their empty coffee cups behind at the beach, which incidentally I would pick up.

One lady told me that “we” don’t like it if we hear a dog bark. Really?

Our dog passed away last summer but we are getting another one shortly.

Like the people that have written in, I too look forward to exercising my dog, under supervision, down at the lake.

I still plan on picking up after my dog and ensuring that it does not bother anyone.

However, if we are now relegated to a tiny piece of muddy beach, I would like to understand how that can happen.

Dog owners add to the economy, pay our taxes for many utilities that, as seniors, we don’t use and do so happily for the privilege of living here.

As Okanagan Lake is a large one, surely there are other areas that walkers and runners can use that will isolate them from meeting up with a dog.

I see constantly that the Okanagan tries to ensure that all residents enjoy the lovely scenery and amenities equally.

Why then are dog lovers treated differently?  What about the speeding drivers? What about the drivers that are on their phone and texting? What about the grow ops and the vandalism that happens?

I don’t understand why dogs would get so much attention.

For many of us, our children have long gone and our dogs are part of the family—they actually help us stay healthy by giving us a reason to get out and go for a walk.

There is plenty of room for everyone. Dog owners who offend the rules should be dealt with accordingly and you would get the support of all responsible dog owners, of which there are many, for taking such action.

I would very much appreciate receiving an explanation of the logic behind the changes to the dog beach.

Donna Kirisits,

West Kelowna


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