Letter: Plenty of sources for variety of news

CNN expanded their [Malaysian flight disappearance] coverage to 24 hours, seven days a week—that was a judgment they made.

To the editor:

Re: Int’l Media Prefer Mono-News Coverage, March 25 Capital News.

I suspect that [letter writer] Mr. Lloyd Atkins in Vernon must have had his TV set locked on CNN, to the exclusion of all other news services.

His complaint that the international news agencies over-did the coverage of the mystery of the missing Malaysian passenger jet is slightly off the mark. CNN expanded their coverage to 24 hours, seven days a week—that was a judgment they made.

They cannot be compared to other 24-hour news operations.

During the heights of the coverage of the missing 230 plus people of that plane, I watched, listened and read many newscasts. I was able to pick up stories about the following (and this a short list and not in order of importance):

• The fiasco of the appointment of Nadon to Canada’s Supreme court

• The Washington land slide

• The stand-off between Crimea and Russia

• The Nuclear Summit in the Netherlands and the Group of 8 decision to ignore Russia and make it the Group of 7

• The outbreak of measles in B.C.

• The Quebec election

• The location of the Kelowna Farmers’ Market.

“Build a mountain out of a mole hill and then recycle it ad nauseam”?

We are talking about the disappearance of more than 230 people—a mystery that defies logic and the most complicated technical aides in the world.

Stuart Morrison,



Kelowna Capital News