Letter: Politicians mere propagandists for their party

It is time to demand our politicians address our needs and stop acting like puppets to support their party politics.

To the editor:

Kudos to Darrin Fiddler’s letter to the editor in the Capital News, Oct. 25. (Government Protects the Big Corporations.)

What are our politicians doing for the people that elected them? It is quite obvious that two problems that need correction are the unequal distribution of wealth and the ridiculous expense of a Senate.

Prior to our last provincial election I submitted a paper to our provincial and federal representatives. The intent of this paper was to identify problems in a constructive way. The papers were received with a promise to respond but both Mr. (Ben) Stewart (then-MLA Westside-Kelowna) and Mr. (Dan) Albas (MP Okanagan-Coquhihalla) completely ignored my concerns.

Rather than tending to the basic needs of those who pay their salary I see them handing out medals, supporting charitable functions, cutting ribbons and spreading political propaganda. Charities are only Band-Aid treatment and nothing is being done to change the cause.

We need to raise the minimum-wage to a livable wage. We need to eliminate the excessive salaries of the greedy. Can we say we are proud to accept a government that allows the gap between the rich and the poor to widen every year, a government that is giving our land away and exploiting Third World undemocratic countries?

We need to put a stop to monopolies, especially in commodities that are essential. Gasoline, heating fuel, electricity should not be controlled by corporations. These commodities should be controlled by non-profit organizations.

We need controls to stop the chains and large corporations being allowed to limit full time employment by hiring large numbers of part-time workers. Have we ever given much thought to the importance of the menial task occupations? Where would business be if it were not for those that load the shelves, deliver the goods, and clean up the dirt and many other low skilled but necessary jobs?

Unfair tax-exemptions, and exploiting cheap underpaid workers and monopolies create an unfair field for Canadian manufacturers.

It is time to demand our politicians address our needs and stop acting like puppets to support their party politics.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Art Ferguson,  West Kelowna



Kelowna Capital News