Letter: Questioning thinking of Kelowna city council

Letter: Questioning thinking of Kelowna city council

Kelowna letter writer says the Green Square development shouldn’t get another chance at council

Our story online (Kelowna developer gets a second chance, Oct. 17) – about the Green Square development coming back to council drew some comments, including this one:

I was one of the members of the public who attended this meeting to oppose the variances, as did elderly residents from Missionwood retirement community and Mission Meadows condo complex. A request was made at the time of the meeting for a deferral by one of the councillors. This was declined and it was outlined that a democratic vote would take place that night.

After nine hours of our time wasted I am questioning the process that council is now pursuing. Mission Meadows and Missionwood were limited to four storey and will have their site lines impacted if six storeys are approved for next door. The existing developments are impacted by the current lack of parking in the area.

Maybe next time we have a municipal election the public should second guess themselves and ask to re-vote after they have slept on their decision. Kelowna might have an affordable housing crisis but I don’t buy that there is a crisis in the middle to higher end housing market. I do know that we are headed towards a traffic and parking crisis if we allow the development community to set the council agenda.

Andrea Bretherick